It has been quite some time since we had a date night on Friday, thanks to our busy schedule and the ever-dreadful traffic condition in Jakarta (especially on Friday Evening). This time round, I had to come to Singapore to take care of some stuff and my love decided to enjoy the weekend in Singapore with me.


After doing some research, we decided to go to CreatureS. Have to be honest, its concept of east-meets-west nosh genuinely attracted us to give it a try.


Although the location may seem to be a little dodgy to local eyes, it turns out to be a lovely place. The cafe is split into two stories. The ground floor is bright and cozy, while the second floor is designed and decorated elegantly. Such a romantic venue I would say.


Not to mention, they also have a rather small outdoor area that you can opt if you prefer breathing some fresh air (hmm… maybe when the haze clears up :P).


The place filled up really fast and our reservation was only good for an hour and a half. So, make sure that you place a reservation in advanced to secure your seat.

 Pumpkin Soup and You Tiao

The pumpkin soup was not as smooth as what we expected it to be and it was a little too sour when we took it alone. However, together with the You Tiao, it did help to balance the sourness.

  Roast Duck Salad

The Duck salad was probably one of my favourite dishes of the night and the best duck salad I have ever had. My girlfriend totally agreed with me. Its plum sauce dressing brought the refreshing taste out of it. It also came with a generous amount of duck meat. Who would say no to that!

  Crabmeat Croissant

It was a quite ingenious dish. The croissant was soft and the crabmeat which was marinated with sesame oil and light soy, was mixed with a dressing that reminded us of the crabmeat of California roll sushi. Overall, all the elements meshed well together and we both loved it.

 Truffle Fries (How can we ever forget about this ? =P)

The truffle fries came in a big portion and it was enough to share between two to three people. Although the truffle fries were crispy, they could have had more of the truffle oil sensation.


All in all, CreatureS is a classic and charming locale to have dinner with your friends or loved ones. Plus, the friendly and thoughtful servers totally made the experience an unforgettable one.



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